My name is Andrea and I am addicted to crafting

Welcome to my newest baby – M YarnCraft.   I have been knitting, crocheting and doing general crafting for about 15 years.  I come from a long line of women who look at items in stores and say “I can do that …”.  And so we march out to the craft store, spend way too much on the supplies necessary to create said item, and get to work.  In the end, we don’t save any money, but the process is so worth it.  Taking a bag full of supplies and turning it into something beautiful is so rewarding — it becomes addicting!

I wanted a place to share my creations with others and so my husband helped me create this website.  I plan to post pictures of my finished items on this site as well as the occasional tutorial so that you can create the item too if you want.  I do sell my creations, so if you see something you like and don’t want to make it yourself please get in touch with me.

Thanks for reading